Scripts – 1

I find it hard to relate to most people. I share interests with otaku, gamers, gun-nuts, nerds, and comic book-junkies, but whenever I am around those people, I cannot seem to fit in. However, if there is one group I can say with confidence I belong to, it is Punisher fans.

Punisher: Dark Reign #2 was the second comic I ever bought. Later I discovered MAX from Garth Ennis and the current run from Nathan Edmondson. For Halloween I painted the Punisher Skull on a balaclava and wore body armor. If you need more proof, here is a link to a character analysis I wrote not too long ago:

Like fans of anything, I am hard to please. My demand lies more in the film adaptations, excluding the one with Dolph Lundgren because I have not seen it.

The one with Thomas Jane is only remembered because of his performance. He played Frank half serious and half action hero, with one-liners delivered in a dry manner. It fit the character, but what brought it all down was the hammy slapstick, schizophrenic tone, and the 80s style antagonists that were far too serious.

Four years later, War Zone came along and did everything the Jane movie got wrong right. It had the same 80s feel with the bad guys, but nobody took their roles seriously. It created juxtaposition with the seriousness of the Punisher, played better by Ray Stevenson. What it said to me was the Punisher values his humanity, despite being a mass murderer. He is affected by what he does, unlike the villains who get off on being sociopaths.

It told me Frank Castle is a hero that does not lie to himself about what he does. He does not wear a costume because he does not want to hide the fact he is a killer. In that way, I believe he is the sanest of the Marvel Pantheon.

Unfortunately, War Zone flopped and we fans never received a follow-up. Even after the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), there has not been another Punisher movie. Rather than sit on my ass reading up on miss-calculated speculation and sensational theories, I did something I knew would never be more than fan-fiction:

I wrote a feature length script for a Punisher movie in the MCU.

After months of editing, cuts, and failed submissions, I am ready to share what I have done. I cannot attest to its quality or if it is even good, but I hope to show a Punisher film can be more than a vigilante story. I feel confident in saying I have done Frank Castle justice and those like him.

Enjoy, I hope.