I would like to put things in perspective with what I post. If you are a frequent reader, you know I skip a lot of new releases for a variety of reasons. Here, I am going to list the rules I follow in as clear a fashion as possible.

  1. No remakes unless they are remakes of bad movies.
  2. No reboots unless they continue from good movies.
  3. No re-imaginings unless they are of bad movies.
  4. Remakes of adaptations are the exception unless they follow a good movie.
  5. No true stories unless the subject is interesting.
  6. No inspirational movies because they are all the same.
  7. No sports movies because they are all the same.
  8. If a movie looks terrible, skip it.
  9. If you have a bad feeling about a new release, skip it.
  10. No contemporary, mainstream horror movies because 90% of them are total trash.
  11. No comedies because humor is subjective.
  12. No Star Wars spin-offs because they do not matter.
  13. No spy movies because they are boring 75% of the time.

And that is how I operate. I think if you apply these rules to your own movie going experience, you may do yourself a whole lot of good.