An Open Letter to the ATF

Dear ATF,

I am a film critic and a gun owner, but most of all I am a concerned patriot. I understand the need for certain legislation concerning firearms. Believe me, I am one of few that supports the AK import ban; the more we can squeeze Putin without armed confrontation, the better. However, I cannot support this proposed ban on M855 ammo.

I do not pretend to know anything. I tell the truth of what I know in all situations and I know banning a certain type of ammunition will not stop anything. People are killed no matter what weapon is involved. Even weapons that are not considered weapons harm others. The same applies to firearms, but what matters is who is behind the trigger.

Charles Whitman had a severe brain tumor and many prescription drugs in his system. Adam Peter Lanza had an Oedipus complex. James Eagan Holmes was suicidal and crazy in general. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold had behavioral issues in addition to being bullied in school. Members of ISIS are religious extremists who believe they are doing God’s work by executing hundreds of people at once, throwing homosexuals off balconies, and enslaving women.

These are crazy people with the constitution to take up arms and commit murder. It does not matter what kind of weapon they use. The more freedom they are given to live out their delusions, the worse the world becomes. They are insane and the only way to stop them is sane people with guns.

I chose to become a gun owner as a defense against criminal elements and tyranny. I am one of millions who want nothing more than to live in a safe environment, free from any threat that may or may not exist. By restricting access to what allows citizens to use firearms, you are taking away their ability to defend themselves.

This ban will not stop crime. This ban will not save cops. This ban will not stop murders. This ban will not stop rapes. This ban will increase crime, kill more cops, and rape more women because those sane people with guns lack the ammunition to use them, and it is all your fault.

You will kill people if you take away their ammunition.

The only solution is to back down. Leave us alone and let The People defend themselves. As I have said before, I understand the need for certain legislation, and this is not necessary for any common sense reason. Please take that under consideration.

Thank you for your time,

C.T. McMillan