Editorial 04: Matt- Portrait of Misery

I am going to talk about something I probably should not, but it has been picking at the back of brain for some time. Today, I’m going to talk about YouTube Bullshit. I am not referring to Logan Paul or any other neurotic dweeb who has no life beyond YT. I am referring to the realm of commentary and its dramatics. This is where the personality of content creators is without superficial skin and bares it all. However, honesty can be a detriment to not only the creator, but the audience as well. Sometimes your personality comes out in ways you did not intend and next thing you know it, you lose a hundred thousand subscribers.

This past year has seen the greatest shake-up for a sect of commentators who cater to drama and politics. This group commentates on commenters and it is an excellent source of entertainment. There have been several subjects picked apart like a corpse in the company of buzzards, but there is one commentator’s ever spirally downfall that has forced me to exercise a little introspection. In very small ways everyone can relate to this unfortunate failure of man.

MundaneMatt is a content creator that reads stories from Google News on webcam, uploads it to YT, and repeats this process throughout his day. He is a spam-up-loader much like the New England Cockroach, DarkSydePhil. The only reason Matt achieved any sort of notoriety in the past is he had a video flagged by Zoe Quinn, a hack writer that got jobs in comics because she slept with a bunch of dudes to get good reviews for her game. She also made a guy kill himself last month over still unproven abuse accusations. The flagging was one catalyst of GamerGate, the gayest culture movement in history. Not only Matt, but a number of prominent commentators got their start talking about GG in protest to those like Quinn seeking to make games more progressive.

The flagging helped Matt gain some prominence, and his GG content gave him much-appreciated attention. Ironically, however, a flagging would begin his downfall. Last year, Matt was exposed live for flagging several videos criticizing him, many being other commentators, on the KillStream. Weeks ago, the same stream released audio leaks from Matt’s Discord server where he criticizes fellow content creators, is openly jealous, is very aware of his shortcomings, and unfortunately, reveals that his infant daughter is not his own.

Within a year the man’s reputation as a serial flagger and all around passive-aggressive weak-kneed cuck culminated in a series of revelations that will undoubtedly bring him lower than dinosaur bones. It remains to be seen if Matt will acknowledge the leaks, and while I wrote this, the KillStream released more leaks. Many, including myself, found the revelations hilarious. Here is a man that is not only incapable of improving himself, but is aggressively stubborn to the point he refuses to change. Matt is a joke and yet, I feel bad for him.

The flagging of other creators is inexcusable, but it comes from a place many have been. According to a former acquaintance and other videos on the subject, he wanted to break into the film industry. Judging by his facial hair, he strikes me as a fan of Kevin Smith, and as a movie fan that grew up in the 90s, it makes since he would model himself after the man. So, Matt moved to Los Angeles in the late 00s to pursue a career in screenwriting while making his own movies. Here’s a link to his IMDB where some of the posters were changed to imagines of Matt attempting to cry.

Obviously he failed and moved to the Pacific Northwest to do what he does now, but the impact of failure is still with him. He has become so obsessed with avoiding further failure he has not only pigeonholed himself, he is openly hostile to criticism. He is aware and unaware of his shortcoming because he lacks humility. You are supposed to learn from mistakes, but Matt is afraid of his mistakes and attacks people when they confront him. Even as he talks about trying to change his content and how to improve himself in the leaks, his timidity keeps him bound to monotony.

And then there is Matt’s nonsensical ego. You look at the guy, see the things he has done, and think there is something wrong with his brain. Matt is in complete denial of his shortcomings to feign confidence. I find it hard to blame the guy given his past, his features, and the fact he is raising and providing for another man’s child. And yet he holds onto what self-respect he has left, manufactured or otherwise. In a way he sees his failures as learning experiences to dictate how other creators should operate on YouTube, while also studying said content, and not changing his own.

The leaks show a clear animosity towards more successful creators like The Quartering and Bearing for essentially doing the same thing in every video. Even before his flagging was exposed Matt criticized a Star Wars-centric channel about the monotony of their content. He also tried to start something with Ethan Van Sciver, a very talented comic book artist and commentator that is not at all serious. The leaks also revealed he takes issue with content that appeals to rage or confirmation bias while he wallows in boring, perpetual stagnation.

So, what we have here is a stubborn man that has known great failure, yet is incapable of learning from his failure, and makes it his mission to criticize the work of others in a vain attempt to feel confident. He sees himself as a YouTube expert dictating how others should produce content while ignoring his own advice. Furthermore, he has a history of taking out his anger on his critics by flagging, the proverbial cardinal sin among creators. What we got here is a bully with a vagina deeper than the Mariana Trench that lashes out at others for the qualities that make him unappealing, while putting no effort into changing, and I feel bad for the poor bastard.

Everyone has known failure. No one that is successful has achieved it without failing, nor have they not known weariness in the face of monotony. In my personal experience, I lost interest in writing movie reviews after four and half years. I just did not care to the point I wrote myself a list of rules to cherry pick the movies I actually wanted to see. Then I simply quit reviewing them. I used to go to the theater every week and I can count the times I have gone this year on two hands.

Did I bite the bullet and write a review for everything that came out? The last movie I wrote about was Captain Marvel and I could not work up the will to write about what I saw after. Do you know what I did instead? I dedicated my time to writing genre fiction because that is where I found renewed interest. I still review streaming titles, but only something I actually want to see. Only reason I have not written about Too Old to Die Young is because I do not know what to say.

When you are faced with a brick wall, you have to pivot around or go through it. No one can do something they hate day in and day out, and not try something new. When I was stuck in two jobs I hated, I chose to work towards something I actually wanted to do and I have yet to give up on it. To this day I am still working on getting somewhere better. Matt obviously hates what he does and refuses to change. In the leaks he sounds miserable and if he put the same effort he does into criticizing others toward improving himself, he would be happier. Even Kevin Smith, Matt’s apparent idol, got tired of directing to the point he went on a hiatus for years.

In this regard, he deserves everything he gets because he needs to be reminded that he has no one to blame but himself. Matt’s misery is the result of his inability to improve himself while attacking others. He has no right to criticize his betters when he is incapable of showing he can do better. Until he makes an attempt to fix his situation, he will always be the butt of jokes.

If you are reading this, Matt, and I know you are because you have Google Alerts set up, I am going to tell you exactly what you can do to set yourself on the right path. Firstly, go on the KillStream and apologize. It has been a year since you were exposed and you have yet to give an honest apology. Whatever happens on stream, you need to take it like a real man, because you are not. Second of all, the changes you want to make to your videos that you keep crying about? How about actually make those changes? It is not hard.

Lastly, and this is most important, dump your girlfriend, and stop raising her child. It is not because no one making fun of you will ever live it down while you draw breath, but because it makes you less of a man. I have no clue how long you were seeing her before the birth, but I am guessing you were in the room when your girlfriend’s daughter was spired? What was his name and how many were there?

Does not feel great, does it? Are you so desperate for puss’ you debase yourself by clinging to and paying for a woman that needs (a) stunt-cock(s) to satisfy her? Does she not find you attractive enough to let you in, but she accepts the food you put on the table? Judging by your appearance I am guessing she is not that much of looker. There are not many beautiful women that would find your “Kevin Smith but Fatter” look appealing unless they were pretty ugly themselves. Makes me think of the kind of men that usually prefer a woman of substantial girth, but that is a joke for another time.

To quote Shaun of the Dead, “Sort your life out, mate!”

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