Movie Review: Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel (CapMarv) is one of those characters that has a lot of potential, but the people writing her books have no idea what they are doing. In the past two years, the official CapMarv comic has been rebooted about five times. There are a lot of reasons this happens in comics and none of them are good. CapMarv has been and is being written by people who subsist on Big Bang Theory, Tumblr posts, and spend their writing time insulting readers on Twitter.

Like muh Domino, there is a lot to her that has yet to be explored. She is a recovering alcoholic, an Airman, and did some regrettable things in the very padded “Civil War 2.” So far, there has not been a good book since the DeConnick run. To say I had low expectations going into the movie would be an understatement. The bad press and manufactured outrage did not help either, almost killing an otherwise great movie.

Imagine if Wonder Woman was restricted by a small budget and shooting locations, but had a great script and actors that worked well together like a nice two-part episode of Stargate SG-1. Instead of making the movie as epic as possible, CapMarv settles on a small, but high quality film about Carol Danvers coming to terms with her past and present.

CapMarv does very well with its titular character and those around her. She has great on-screen chemistry with Samuel L. Jackson as a young Nick Fury. Despite what the trailers have shown, she is quite witty and the back and forth between Carol and Fury is classic MCU. CapMarv also does a great job of breaking the origin story mold. Instead of starting from the beginning and seeing her become a hero, we learn about Carol as she learns about herself in short bursts, and it all ties very well into the story.

While the actual window into the cosmic side of the MCU is small, it was nice to see something not tied to Guardians of the Galaxy. We get a glimpse of Hala, the Supreme Intelligence, and the Accusers are slightly more realized. And we finally meet the Skrulls. However, given budget constraints, they are relegated to just green people that can shape-shift. In the comics there is a jobber class that is cannon fodder and there are Super Skrulls that can mimic whole power sets. CapMarv does not get deep into the Skrull-Kree War either, but it is for a very good reason.

It is hard to discuss the real flaws because all of them can be tied to the budget. The big expensive set pieces and fights are saved for the latter third where they would logically belong. Do not expect Infinity War level CG, but from what I could tell the melee fights were mostly practical. In terms of story it was very tight and everything worked the way it should. Overall, it was a harmless and competent movie.

Many are probably discouraged from seeing Captain Marvel because of the bad press. It may not affect men too much, but when you alienate people based on skin and sex, I can assure we are still paying attention. However, I have seen this before with Black Panther, Wonder Woman, and Ghostbusters (2016) (fuck you, Paul Feig). Outrage sells and when you want a group to see your movie, make it look like another group hates your movie. Then the target will buy a ticket several times over because they think it will hurt their “enemy.” It is all made up, but you should see Captain Marvel because it is up there with Doctor Strange and Ant-Man.

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