Editorial 33 Redux: Whoops

So, I had a bit of a moment of panic early last night. I discovered there were a number of minor errors in the ebook I published in November. Back to Valhalla was a massive achievement and it scared the shit out of me knowing I messed something up after getting ready for publishing for so long. I went a little too far trying to correct my mistake, deleting the original Editorial on here and some promotional materials that had links to the book on Amazon.

When it comes to panic, I am a nothing if not thorough.

Anyway, I deleted the book from the store, made adjustments in a new manuscript, and uploaded the finished file shortly thereafter. It should look better and I will not make the same mistakes again. If you are a reader with an original copy, I apologize for missing those errors. And if you are not a reader, follow the link below if you are interested.




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