Editorial 33: I Wrote A Book (restored)

The title says it all. I had this story sitting around for a while until I worked up the courage to get it published. I left it alone a year after writing the book until I went to school and learned a lot more about writing and storytelling. When I flipped through the manuscript I realized how much I got wrong and spent another year getting it almost perfect.

I have always been fascinated with Vikings and Norse Mythology. While they were one of many warrior-based cultures, they were the most prolific. The Vikings radically changed Medieval Europe, traveled farther than any other people at the time, and were unmatched when it comes to combat. The gods they worshipped are even more interesting. Each one, in addition to personifying their respective element, is a war god. Freya is the goddess of fertility, but she is still a warrior. Bragi, god of skalds, does not personify war, but sings to the warriors in Valhalla. One way or another they have some connection to war and I found it all straight up cool.

Back to Valhalla takes the premise of the Viking afterlife and applies it to the whole of Mankind. What if the concept of going to heaven by dying in battle included everyone, from every time period, across the globe? You would have Roman Legionaries drinking with GIs, Zulus fighting Samurais or any number of crazy combinations because they are all in one place: Valhalla.

The story follows Specialist Frank Roehm of the Georgia National Guard. He is deployed to Baghdad during the last months of the Iraq War when a booby trap gives him a face full of shrapnel. Instead of blackness or Heaven, Frank is greeted by a Valkyrie, and flown to the cracked world of Asgard. He is brought to the hall of Valhalla where he meets his father who died in Operation Just Cause and his childhood friend Kevin who bought it in Afghanistan years prior.

I had a lot of fun writing Back to Valhalla and I hope you have fun reading it. The book is available on Amazon in the Kindle store for $3.99USD. Even though I have a background in formatting ebooks, the upload came out decent. Once I get a print version off the ground, it will look much better. I am still working on ways to promote the story, giving out free copies to friends and others, but I have some ideas for spreading the word. Click the link below if you are interested.


I hope you enjoy my first book as a real author and be on the lookout for a certain screenplay that is three years late 🙂


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