Editorial 30: Difficult Question

I have come to realize that what I say in writing has negative connotations.  Regardless of intent or context, there is always the possibility someone will be offended.  As a consequence, what I say creates a persona that does not reflect who I am.  When you are trying to gain a following, it is important to understand how people see you.  And because no one ever gives me feedback, I am forced to ask outright:

Based on what have you read (hopefully), who do you think I am, regardless if you know me or not, and what do you think I believe when it comes to religion, politics, etc?

Please be as honest as you can.  I will take anything I can get.


One thought on “Editorial 30: Difficult Question

  1. I enjoy your great use of the language, but sometimes you are writing mad, and it comes out in our prose. You have very strong political and social opinions, and they too come out strongly in your writing. But if you want to appeal to the largest audience possible, you might want to temper some of those strong opinions. So in lieu of mad, try funny…in lieu of strong social opinions, focus more on the film and your encyclopedic knowledge of their history. This not to say there isn’t a place for you to espouse your strong opinions, but if you are focused on increasing the readership of your blog, you might want to consider your target audience more. Love ya

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