Movie Review: Nothing 2

Unless you paid me, I refuse to see Assassin’s Creed. I may not be a genius, but you do not need to be Reed Richards to know videogame-movies are all bad. The same goes for movie-videogames, a lesson I learned very early in life. Assassin’s in particular makes for a terrible movie because the premise only works in a game.

The story takes place in present day, but the actual gameplay is set during the Crusades where you travel across the Holy Land killing people. Those were the fun parts with short stretches of narrative in between. If the movie was a transmedia project, where you have a film and a playable game that would be perfect. Based on past experiences, in its current form, Assassin’s Creed is not worth the trouble.

To be honest, I just want this year over with. It seems like Passengers was the last movie of this year to grab my attention. A whole lot of others came out like La La Land, Why Him?, and Fences and I could not care less. I heard Collateral Beauty was so bad it had to be seen, but I dare not waste my money. And like Moana I stayed away from Sing because I have out grown child-oriented animated films.

I am much more excited for next year. Silence is one I have been waiting for a long time. Edo Era Japan is rife with great material and the treatment of Catholics following the Shimabara Rebellion is one that never sees the light of day. While I have a few reservations, Ghost in the Shell is a controversial feature I am willing to risk my time and money to see. Alien Covenant is a given because it is Ridley Scott, science fiction, and it has “Alien” in the title. I am not looking forward to Blade Runner 2049, but Denis Villeneuve’s involvement has me curious. And before I forget, there is Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk.

All in all, I am waiting for this lull to pass and for 2017 to begin. Once “Fuck You, It’s January” is over, I can start feeling good about movies and wanting to go to the theater. Hopefully the above titles are actually good and will not compound my dejection.


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