Movie Review: Nothing

Am I the only one that sees this? Since late November, nothing appealing has come out in theaters. Disregarding Arrival, Nocturnal Animals, and Hacksaw Ridge, these past few weeks have been characterized by absence. Allied looks fine but Robert Zemeckis piqued decades ago. I did not care for Fantastic Beasts even before the bad press. And after Sausage Party I cannot bring myself to see another comedy like Office Christmas Party.

I do think it is so much the movies’ fault as it is mine. Because I see so many films with a couple restrictions (no remakes or comedies) I have become fatigued. For two years I have reviewed one new release a week with maybe a dozen instances in which I wrote something else. It has gotten to a point where I barely remember them even a month after.

I forgot about Inferno a week later and The Shallows only came to mind after watching an episode of Half in the Bag. Worse yet, I forget movies that are actually good and remember the terrible ones. Why is Ghostbusters (2016) on my mind and not Swiss Army Man? Why do I complain about Suicide Squad while I have little praise for Civil War? How does God’s Not Dead 2 overshadow an exploitation masterpiece like Triple 9?

Has this once modest hobby turned into a nightmare? Am I picky about what I like and refuse to see anything I dislike, even if I must? I try my best to have fun, but the more I observe the state of movies as a whole, the more I find nothing to watch. Perhaps this is but a short lull in quality. Maybe after Rogue One I will be more willing to go to the theater.

It remains to be seen.


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