Movie Review: Sausage Party

Seth Rogen is Adam Sandler if he were talented. His movies feature the same actors, set-up, and tropes that have become synonymous with his name. There is always weed involved, a romantic story, and James Franco. Rogen’s films are only slightly monotonous because unlike Sandler, he is not cynical about making them. He and his friends obviously like what they are doing and want to make you laugh. Was Sausage Party another great comedy or has the monotony fully set in?

A good film stands out by taking a familiar premise and doing something different in execution. The Pusher trilogy was like any other drug movie shot in a documentary fashion. Birdman was a “failed actor in search of relevance” story filmed in a faux long shot. Party should standout with its premise of sentient food, but the story and jokes are predictable.

The puns were unavoidable, yet everything else was so obvious I could write it in my sleep. There are hot dog and bun sexual innuendos, a douche being a bro, a falafel and bagel insulting each other in reference to the Arab/Israeli conflict, and Latino products being Latino. Instead of laughing my reactions included “Yep… Okay… Got it.” I was so bored I could not invest myself in what was happening because it was dull. When there were points the movie could have been interesting, it went in the complete opposite direction.

Even as I write this review I have old episodes of Half in the Bag going on in another window because I am so bored. Mike and Jay avoid comedies because they are hard to critique. You either think they are funny or not and no one shares the same sense of humor. I find Jackass and BroTeam hilarious and Party did not make me laugh once. My mom might like it though.

I have no idea why I saw Sausage Party. I should have gone to Anthropoid because there are not many films about the Nazi occupation of Europe. I would like to see a movie about the Sturmbrigade Dirlewanger. Imagine Suicide Squad if the characters committed war crimes and Amanda Waller was a child-molesting necrophiliac. Seriously, Oskar Dirlewanger makes Hitler look like Mother Teresa. Jesus, I am so bored with Sausage Party I am talking about the guy responsible for the Wola Massacre.


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