Editorial 22: It’s Not You, It’s Ghostbusters

It is superfluous to talk about Ghostbusters (2016) because other personalities have made similar statements. Let me be absolutely clear and please remember this if you continue reading: Nobody except stupid people cares that the cast is all female. The problem is that Ghostbusters (2016) is a remake of a perfect film and the gall of Sony to conceive this detritus is offensive.

While stomping all over a classic to capitalize off nostalgia, Harold Ramis has been in the ground for just two years. To besmirch the legacy of one of the most important comedy writers of the last four decades is beyond the pale of insult. I know Bill Murray does not care and Ernie Hudson is just trying to live, but I guarantee that hack Dan Aykroyd allowed this to happen.

I do not have a problem with Paul Feig as a director. Spy was terrible, but I do not like him because he made Melissa McCarthy’s career. I will never understand why people think she is funny. Her humor consists of reactions, fat jokes, and insults that are not creative. Chris Farley had great energy and enthusiasm that made him iconic and he just happened to be obese. McCarty uses her weight as a crutch for her dearth of talent and I do not want to sit through another one of her movies.

The rest of the cast is pretty great. Kristen Wiig is phenomenal, Kate McKinnon makes Saturday Night Live watchable, and Chris Hemsworth is the kind of actor that makes the most of situations. Leslie Jones, however, I could care less about because she cannot get through a single sentence on SNL unless the cue card is five inches in front of her face.

So, yeah, Ghostbusters (2016) looks like utter dreck that has no business existing. I want to say again that nobody cares that the cast is female. Nobody. Because of the Internet and Corporate Hollywood, we cannot appreciate the past without hacks trying to capitalize. I have said nostalgia is dead, but it is because of nostalgia I am so livid. I grew up on the original Ghostbusters and I do not want to see its name dragged through the mud because Sony is butt-hurt over losing Spider-Man. I cannot emphasize it enough that the cast being female means nothing. Obviously I will be skipping Ghostbusters (2016) and I hope you do the same.


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