Editorial 19: Getting Angry at Movies

A few weeks ago I watched the film Extraction for review, a direct to video action movie that is poor to say the least. It has awkward acting, amateur editing, a messy story, and is terrible overall. The only reason I watched it was because it had an under utilized Gina Carano, again. Why bother hiring a proven stuntwoman and make her a damsel? Despite its faults I was not offended, it did not make me angry like Taken 3 or Aloha, and I did not hate it. When it came time to write the review I was presented with a conundrum: what I had to say about Extraction was rather boring and devoid of passion. In the past my heated reviews garnered some attention, but in those cases I was actually mad. To that end, is it right to feign frustration and anger for views?

Nobody watches Best of the Worst for a thought provoking analysis of schlock; they want to see Rich Evans and company laugh to asphyxiation. Nostalgia Critic and Spoony built their identities on nitpicking and screaming about movies. The venerable BroTeam created his persona by acting like a psychotic maniac. Internet critics, reviewers, and let’s players attain notoriety by over-reacting as much as possible for entertainment. It is quite enjoyable and I find watching them more satisfying than other forms of media. Of course, all of it based on opinion, but when Brad Jones and friends work up a rage against a movie like Ted 2, the act becomes brutally apparent. It also misrepresents the work being critiqued, regardless if the review in question is meant to be serious.

Just because everyone lost their minds over God’s of Egypt does not mean it is bad enough to even talk about. I was shocked when people freaked out over Pixels because of course it is terrible: it is an Adam Sandler movie. Since these films are always bad, reviewers create a narrative that perpetuates this idea to monolithic proportions. Moviebob’s review of the same movie was so vulgar and crass he was later interviewed by the New Yorker. Furthermore, when reviewers attack media that is marginally okay or inoffensive, those watching are going to form conclusions based on misinformation.

That is my dilemma with Extraction. It is not good by any means (except for the opening track) and I see it as an affront to Gina Carano fans that expected to see her pull a dude’s brain out. The quality of the production, acting, and writing is just terrible, but not enough to get angry about. If anything, I am more disappointed because its mistakes are that of a college student’s short film. In better hands, it could have been a decent direct to video action movie and I will not overreact or show vitriol for entertainment. I am not a popular critic and I do not expect this to go anywhere once posted, but I refuse compromise honesty just to make fun of a movie. That I save for contemporary horror because fuck that shit.


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