Movie Review: Deadpool


I am going to say something controversial, hence the warning. Usually I tack it up there in anticipation for pissing people off, but this requires an extended preamble. Unless I am making fun of Christians or other stupid people with delusional ideologies, I really do not care if I say something inflammatory because that is exactly what I mean to do. What makes this different is that I have friends and other people that really care about the subject I am about to lay into. I have never been shy about speaking my mind and I try to be as honest as possible in my writing. Please pardon what I am about to say because in my humble opinion:

Deadpool kind of sucks.

Not the movie (we will get to that soon), but the character himself. Everyone has their favorite superhero regardless of who they are. I happen to be a fan of Domino and she is at least a C Tier Mutant, but for the life of me I cannot divine why anyone finds Deadpool appealing. He is defined entirely by his gimmick: a meta caricature designed to be ironic towards superheroes. He talks to the reader, makes witty comments, is devoid of all seriousness, and strides to act out. Basically, he is the BroTeam of comics.

In concept he is necessary to inject awareness to the medium and he works… for just a bit before the joke gets old really fast. The premise is novel and easy to understand, but like any good thing, too much of it saturates the appeal. We get it; he talks to the reader and makes jokes about comics. What else does he have? I sure do not know because apparently that is all he is: a gimmick. At least Captain America is a mascot with a personality and Punisher is a mass murderer with sympathetic problems. However, I am open to the idea of a Deadpool movie. With the rampant popularity of superhero films, I think now is a good enough time for a character of his caliber. How long did it take before my tolerance for the joke was all but gone?

After receiving a terminal diagnosis, Wade, played by Ryan Reynolds, volunteers for a procedure that will cure him of cancer and turn him into a Mutant. When he discovers the nefarious intent of those in charge, Wade breaks free and sets out on a quest for revenge as his alter ego Deadpool.

My bias towards the character stems from what I have read in the comics and a little bit from the videogame. It would be unfair to judge movie Deadpool in regards to the others because besides being entirely different mediums, the film version is fantastic. I would go so far as to say he is better in comparison.

What makes him work is comedic timing and personality, two things that do not translate well off the page, unless you have Reynolds acting it out. He is the reason Deadpool feels like a character and not a gimmick. He changes up his routine, has feelings and emotions that makes sense, and he does not overdue it. He will jump between being ironic, sarcastic, crude, and self-referential at a consistent pace that does not drag you down in monotony. More importantly, the jokes are funny with a wide range of humor.

There is something for everybody.

This is also the best non-Brian Singer X-Men movie yet, excluding Origins obviously. The man understands Mutants about as much as Joel Schumacher does Batman. He has been in charge for years and has never gotten it right. I do not even care for the X-Men and it makes me furious how much Singer does not bother capitalizing off an already good idea. How hard is it to make a soap opera with superheroes? This time, they finally got it right, giving Colossus actual lines to say and a tangible personality.

The biggest selling point for Deadpool is that it is R-rated. There was plenty of opportunity to be gratuitous, but the violence and nudity are toned down with a lot of drama and comedy in between. There is also cursing if you think that is important. I feel I cannot really talk about the adult content because I am so used to it in other stuff. I saw Starship Troopers when I was six, grew up on the Alien movies, and now I deconstruct Christian propaganda. That does not mean I did not enjoy the violence; it is just not that big a deal. Seeing people murdered in creative ways and hearing superheroes say “fuck” may excite Millennials, but for me, it was Tuesday (you are cool if you get that reference).

The only problem I really have is the violence lacked edge. It was graphic, sure, but I could not get over all the CG blood and shortcuts. There are parts where in the middle of a fight, Deadpool will become CG to do a complicated move like it was Blade 2. And I always complain about fake gore because the real thing adds so much to whatever is going on, be it horror, action, or comedy. If you do not believe me, watch Evil Dead 2, Turbo Kid, and Django: Unchained.

You know I am right.
The supporting cast did a great job keeping up with Reynolds. The chemistry between him and Morena Baccarin was pitch perfect as they bounced jokes off one another. T.J. Miller was good as the comic relief, but why you need a comic relief character when your protagonist is the comic relief does not make sense. Newcomer Biranna Hildebrand did a decent job as Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Ed Skrien was fine in the villain role, but the disappointment for me was Gina Carano as Angel Dust.

Please do not misunderstand; I am actually a fan of hers and she is a pretty good stuntwoman, but why she was cast as a Z Tier nobody that utters maybe four lines of dialog was such a waste. She definitely has better acting chops than Ronda Rousey and nobody gives her the opportunity. If you ask me, Rousey should have been Angel Dust and Carano should be cast as Domino for that X-Force movie becuase they are basically the same person.

In the end, I was surprised to say the least. I still do not like Deadpool, but his movie is the best thing to ever happen to him. It had great comedy, violence, and it was an all around good time. I was going to see Zoolander 2 tomorrow, but after this I doubt a washed-up Ben Stiller and irrelevant Owen Wilson could even try to be as funny. You think nostalgia is going to win me over like everyone else?



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