Editorial 12: November

The next two weeks are going to be complicated to say the least. In addition to the holiday, I have a lot to do for my internship that requires my full attention. To that end I have made sacrifices to prioritize my time and write posts weeks in advanced. Movie Reviews have not ended, but because of the workload, I had to forego a showing of Ghost in the Shell: New Movie this week. I will try to see it some other time, but I would like to get enough work done to the point I am not worrying about deadlines.

Furthermore, the month in general does not look very good. If Mockingjay Part 2 was not coming out, I would proclaim November the new January with all the crap on the horizon. I think because of The Force Awakens, studios just gave up and cranked out whatever they thought would turn a profit without regard for quality.

Spectre was bad, but this week there was The 33, which looks like a boring Christian movie without the propaganda; Love the Coopers, a holiday film that makes me want to take an acid bath; and My All American, a sports movie that does not realize it is a sports movie. In the following week there is Secret in their Eyes staring Julian Roberts with a brunette jellyfish on her head. And last we have Victor Frankenstein, an ironic fantasy movie that thinks it is special.

It is good to know there will be at least one decent movie for every bad, so I will have plenty to see and post without losing my mind or possibly regretting my purchase. Still, that only compounds the coming stress I will endure in the next two weeks. Rest assured, I will do my best to keep up and continue to write until this erratic time has passed.

And the release of Fallout 4 has nothing to do with it.

Nothing at all…


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