Movie Review: Turbo Kid

Do not read this review. Go on iTunes or Amazon, rent Turbo Kid, and you will have the best time of your life. You like 80s? Sam Rami? Mad Max? Ever wanted to see them combined into one package well worth your time and money? If you want to know why it is so good, keep reading.

In a post apocalyptic world of 1997 Quebec, The Kid, played by Munro Chambers, rides through the wasteland in search of the few remaining resources. On one trip he comes across Apple, played by Laurence Leboeuf, an odd girl enthusiastically desperate to be friends with him. But while cultivating their friendship, the two become involved with the warlord Zeus, played by Michael Ironside.

Turbo Kid is all about fun. It uses the camp of classic 80s movies and the charm of Rami without being ironic or parody. Every aspect, from the acting to the story, is done in an earnest fashion. The movie is quite ridiculous, but takes itself seriously to the point of intentional comedy.

The characters ride around on bicycles while trying to appear intimidating. When one loses his hand, he curses with a cigarette hanging out his mouth, blood shooting in all directions from the wound. Another acquires a weapon that makes people explode into crimson vapor, yet treats it like something normal. The last couple scenes alone are funnier compared to recent comedies.

A part of the fun is the relationship between The Kid and Apple. The cute factor is strong as her enthusiasm makes even the most conventional of moments have genuine heart. She is virtually oblivious to the harsh setting, treating a corpse as if it were still alive or losing her mind over ordinary things. Like anyone in his situation, The Kid finds her strange before warming up to her. They become the beating heart of the movie we want to see come through to the end.

Most of the gore effects and kills were done practical, looking pretty good considering the low budget. There were places with some CG blood, but where it could be done real it was satisfying, the largest sprays a joy to behold. The soundtrack goes along well with the authenticity and feel, saturated in the synthesizers of new retro.

Performances were great. Aaron Jeffery as Frederic played a hilarious faux badass cowboy who gradually becomes an Ash parallel. Chambers and Leboeuf had nice chemistry and played their respective roles well. Both had a kind of starry-eyed naiveté that made them feel like real kids in the post-apocalypse, more so with Leboeuf. Ironside enjoyed himself like he usually does, but I feel he was slightly miscast. Kurtwood Smith would have been better suited as an intimidating main antagonist.

And that is all you need to know. Go watch Turbo Kid. Right now.


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