Editorial 8: Wow

Last night I found a trailer for a movie coming out next year that I had to share. It is called I’m Not Ashamed, a biopic about the first victim of the Columbine Massacre. Seems simple enough until you get to the crux of the video. The victim in question, Rachel Joy Scott, was a Christian and the angle the movie seem to be going for is she was killed because of her faith, making the Massacre an attack on Christianity…

…I do not think I need to say anymore to articulate how offensive this is. Corpse Worshipers playing the victim is nothing new to their propaganda, but using a school shooting is blatantly disgusting. It is not even out yet and I can tell it is going to be the most repulsive Christian film I will ever see. I hope it never comes out because the ignorant insensitive twerps behind it do not want to know what I have to say.


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