Editorial 0: In Support of Jim Sterling

I do not normally do this, but I felt compelled to share this little discovery I came upon yesterday morning. It could be the funniest new thing on the Internet I feel more people aught to know about.

* * *

To provide some context, Jim Sterling is a video game critic that I have been following since his time on Escapist Magazine. In addition to reviews he posted weekly reports and analyzes called the Jimquisition on the happenings of the industry with an informative and humorous tone. Not long ago he went independent on YouTube with great success. He has a Patreon and posts a slew of content to his channel, more so than his time as a contracted journalist.

In addition to his usual reports, Sterling has gotten a lot of mileage making videos related to the games of Steam Early Access, a digital distribution service for would-be developers. Said games are usually poorly made, barely functioning, and sold for prices that do not reflect their quality. To highlight the gross miss-use of this service, Sterling created “Squirty Play,” a first impressions play-through series that is not exclusive to Early Access. Each video is simple, short, and not at all a final critique, which are posted on his personal blog.

In November of 2014 Sterling released a “Squirty Play” for Slaughtering Grounds, a first-person shooter dubbed Worst Game of the Year. What started as a ten-and-a-half minute video turned into a saga when developer Digital Homicide released a counter-video called Reviewing the Reviewer. In it was a text over-lay on the original video of the developer defending his work and insulting Sterling.

Instead of making a point, Digital Homicide’s tantrum provided a great deal of entertainment. Sterling’s laughter-induced reaction perpetuated the developer’s anger to take futile legal action more readily defined in this episode of the Jimquisition. Sterling even replayed the game for two hours to prove he gave Slaughtering Grounds a fare chance, only to reinforce his previous argument.

But it did not end there.

Last Thursday, Sterling and Digital Homicide sat down for an interview of sorts on a special Jimquisition podcast. I do not want to spoil anything, as it is the most incredible 1:41:06 you will ever hear. It is the definition of paradoxical.


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