Movie Review: What We Do in the Shadows

I should preface this by saying I showed up late to the showing of What We Do in the Shadows (WWDS). I missed less than 10 minutes, but I arrived in time to see the opening title. I cannot argue if the time before was important, but I saw enough of the film to write this critique. Take my recommendation with a grain of salt.

Also, I will not be seeing Unfinished Business. I am not stupid enough to soil my dignity for a Vince Vaughn movie. Instead, here is the review I watched courtesy of the Cinema Snob:

* * *

            WWDS is very good. If you want something funny and charming, look no further. When this comes to your local theater, get a ticket.

The story follows three ancient vampires, Vladislav, Viago, and Deacon after a documentary film crew is granted exclusive access to their home in Wellington, New Zealand. After accidentally siring new victim Nick, the trio is introduced to a modern world their anachronistic ways have long neglected.

WWDS incorporates a variety of vampire tropes, but airs more toward the romantic approach synonymous with Bela Lugosi. The trio can fly, hypnotize, and transform into bats and random animals. It was nostalgic to see forgotten powers return to the big screen.

The comedy comes from a combination of fish-out-of-water and situational antics revolving around centuries old vampires in present day. Most of it is self-deprecating, but none of the characters are aware of what they are doing because it has been their life for hundreds of years. Thanks to stellar performances, each scene feels genuine with a good helping of improv. Everyone involved worked in perfect synchronization to make for some hilarious moments, big and small.

A minor problem I find is with the character of Deacon. His arc is very weak and practically non-existence compared to Vladislav and Viago. It does not matter because the film is fantastic.

See What We Do in the Shadows. It is a great comedy for the whole family, despite the graphic content. If you decide to see Unfinished Business instead, you have brain damage.


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