Site Update 6

Unless someone pays me money, I will not see Mortdecai this week.  In a typical review situation, I will see a movie completely unbiased and open minded, regardless of what I may think before hand.  The difference with Taken 3 and Blackhat is I had no idea they were going to be as bad as they were.  In the case of Mortdecai, I know it is going to be terrible and will save myself the trouble of spending money on it.  I know it is not right to pass judgement on something you have not seen, but have you seen the trailer?  It may look funny to some idiots, but seeing Johnny Depp attempt Monty Python, makes me want to saw off my own head.  So instead of fighting the urge to kill myself, I will be seeing Selma on Thursday, a film I have been meaning to see for a while.



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