Site Update 5

January is a weird month for movies.

Mike Stoklasa and Jay Bauman of Red Letter Media put it best when they coined the phrase “Fuck you, it’s January”. It is a month where studios dump titles they could care less about into theaters. This includes Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, The Legend of Hercules, I, Frankenstein, and A Haunted House.

Normally there is nothing I want to see, but there are indeed a lot of new releases I am eager to review like American Sniper, Inherent Vice, Predestination, and Blackhat. Unfortunately, none of those are coming out around my area. I am considering driving to Miami to see what I can find, but with school and the distance I must travel, I am inclined to think otherwise.

Hopefully they will come out soon, but to compensate for the time, I will post something I have been working on for a while and am excited to share.

-C. T.


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